The IQ Test

By Mike Johnson

Masks identified you as ignorant. Gullible. Weak. Unaware. Fooled by illegitimate leaders and fake “experts.”
If you wore a mask, you showed everyone the level of your awareness.
If you masked your children, the revelation was especially ugly.
You harmed yourself and you harmed your children. Just because devils, their media and peer pressure told you to do it.

Masks were an IQ test. An awareness test. A courage test. An identifier of how many knuckled under to the devil.

Pre-magic virus, the medical industry agreed masks never worked. They never stopped any virus. Worse, restricting anyone's respiratory system causes HARM.

But post-virus, masks suddenly "worked." The colluding cabal flipped the narrative.

The devils looked down from their ivory towers, saw the masses masked, then diabolically rubbed their hands together with glee.
Fooling sheep to hurt themselves is easy.

Taking their bioweapon injections was even worse. The magic virus was launched to scare you into taking the experimental, bioweapon injections. Did you fall for that too?

Millions more people were killed, permanently disabled and injured by the injections than by the magic virus. The carnage continues today. The more "boosters" you take, the closer to death and disability you move. The number of excess deaths and disabilities after injection continues to climb throughout the world. If you still haven’t discerned this you are totally lost.

If this tastes bitter, good.
Own it. Learn from it. Get angry about it.

Now refuse to ever do it again.

Position, authority and credentials are an illusion. Any idiot can cheat their way there. Big hair, white teeth and expensive suits hide massive character flaws. Hide integrity issues. Hide flat-out evil.

Yet you listened to these defective people. You OBEYED their unlawful insanity.

You turned your God-given mind and discernment over to others. You accepted what their media told you without doing any of your own research. Even though it was a life-or-death issue to you and your family.

Corruption and evil exist and you did not discern that.

If you're an enforcer, it was worse. You stained your soul by enforcing the devils' crimes against humanity. You became the devil's henchman.

For those of us who refused masks and bioweapon injections, the situation was different.

We passed the test. We refused to harm ourselves and our children. We easily defeated covid symptoms with our God-given immune system, strengthened by inexpensive, safe & effective, doctor-approved, home treatments. We showed the devil that not everyone is a sheep. We gave them pause. We spit in their eye. We reminded them that truth and God’s discernment are superior to their lies.

We stood up against massive persecution from authority and the masses – even our own friends and extended family. We discovered how strong we are.

We were proven right. Few are apologizing to us. Far too many are still unaware of what happened.

All of us are going to die. But the aware and discerning people live their lives in ways they’ll be happy to talk about on the other side.

For the devils, there is no other side. All they have is here.

Screw the devils. They may rule this world but they’re walking dead. They’re one and done. They get to stew in their own juices for eternity.

They’re not worthy to carry our pencils.

Are you still on their team? If you don’t yet realize they are devils, you’re still on their team. You’re in their control and you’re enabling them by feeding their systems.

For the rest of us, we are starving the beast. We are refusing to enable and refusing to comply in every possible way.

We invite you to wake-up and join God’s team.

At the very least, you’ll have a proud story to tell on the other side.

At the very best, you'll convince a few more loved ones to come along too.



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