Height Sees What Low Cannot

By Mike Johnson

To see farther, climb higher.
To gain solitude, climb higher.
To add perspective, climb higher.

This advice works in your outside world and it works in your inside world.

If youíre unhappy where you are, look for better information.

Everyone struggles until they get higher information.

Itís not a difficult climb. You just have to look beyond your current information bubble.

You only know what they tell you. Keep looking. Keep questioning. Keep exploring.

Eventually, youíll burn through all outside sources.

And realize you've been looking in the wrong world. That leads you back to inside sources.

Youíve always had access to these inside sources but never focused. Never listened. Never trusted.

Eventually, the tallest mountain youíll ever climb is the one inside your own soul.

This is where the treasure sits. This provides the best and highest information. The best ideas. The most inspired actions. Peace, perspective, clarity and love.

From here, you realize the outside world is merely a shadow cast by the light you are on the inside.

Improve that light and your outside world improves the same amount.

But you canít see this from ground level. You have to climb higher.



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