Memorial Day Subplots

By Mike Johnson

For every big bank pillaging society by fractional reserve lending, there are thousands of employees just doing their jobs.

Friendly tellers. Sympathetic loan officers. Branch managers making donations to community causes.

Good people, doing their best, but operating in a system run by devils at the top.

By owning the system itself, devils exploit our good hearts and good intentions to assist their evil.

Itís the same with our military.

Only this time it isnít just good soldiersí job performance. Itís their loyalty. Honor. Courage. Depending on the mission, itís giving their very lives to protect others.

If the mission is evil, the soldiers become unwitting henchmen.

In America today, most top leaders are devils. They have taken over the systems in every critical aspect of life.

Education. Business. Healthcare. Finance. Elections. Judicial system. Media. Government. Military.

In todayís world, does it take more courage to die in battle or question the mission? Is it more honorable to obey orders or convince fellow soldiers that war itself is a racket run by devils?

It is right and honorable to memorialize those who gave their lives for our country. They paid the ultimate price.

It is better to ponder why we allow unworthy devils to run our country. These are the entities who select the missions. Removing devils will save future soldiers AND our country.

When it comes to protecting our country, weíre ALL soldiers. If youíre a civilian, part of the BBQ infantry today, you owe it to the dead and injured veterans (and their familes!) to ask yourself a question.

What more can I do to "support the troops" by stopping, starving and removing the devils in charge?



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