Meanwhile, In Ukraine ...

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By Mike Johnson

The devils running the world continue to foment war.

It starts with USA leaders and their European allies violating treaties, stealing hundreds of millions of Russian cash and supplying Ukraine with weapons. They are purposely pushing Russia to light off a nuke. So far, Russia has shown spectacular restraint.

The USA did the same thing to Japan in 1941, cutting off its oil to force it to attack Pearl Harbor. And by the way, FDR KNEW Japan was on the way to Pearl BEFORE they attacked. He needed the attack to have a reason to put us into WWII.

Not the history you were taught? Look deeper. This is how the devils in charge think.

Ukraine is run by actual Nazis, was attacking its own people of Russian heritage, was the site of at least 25 USA bioweapon labs and is the corruption slush fund of the Biden crime family. Ukraine is not the good guys. Their people are innocent, but like the USA, their leaders are devils.

Right now, USA and NATO are conducting the largest-ever military aircraft war games right next to Ukraine, which is right next to Russia. It runs through June 23. Talk about poking a stick in Russia's eye.

Yesterday, a conglomeration of “Russian” hacker groups just announced that within 48 hours they will destroy the European banks infrastructure, bringing them down. Hackers do not give warnings. But devils looking to blame their own crimes on Russia do. In the past, USA leaders have said they would use military force against any bank hackers. How convenient that this large military operation is now near Russia just in time for this “Russian hack” to occur.

If European banks fail, USA banks fail too. Plan accordingly. Cash-in-hand trumps digits and credit cards, which can easily be turned off. Food-in-hand and fuel-in-cars trumps cash. When the financial system stops, the supply chain stops. Stores empty within days. Gas stations empty. Utilities stop. Think it through.

Russia has warned Europe and USA dozens of times not to supply Ukraine with weapons. Our devil leaders have answered by sending more weapons and more powerful ones. They are trying to force Russia to use nuclear weapons. Which they WILL do if they are forced to (just like we would) as a last resort to protect their country.

Our mainstream media is not reporting any of this. They WANT you to be unprepared. In fact, they are busy fomenting civil war right here in America. Their broadcasts are designed to divide us and anger us against each other. The mainstream media is owned and directed by the devils. Believe their lies at your own peril.

The devils want global nuclear war. It hides their bioweapon vaccine crimes. It blames their collapsing financial system on war instead of their own endless counterfeiting theft. It fulfills their drastic population reduction goals. It allows them to launch their "great reset" which controls all financial transactions, travel, thoughts and behaviors.

They have prepared to survive global nuclear war. You haven't.

It looks normal outside your window this morning. Perhaps this will all blow over.

But perhaps not. We’re all going to meet our maker. It’s just a matter of when and how.

Are you ready? Is this a good day to die?



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