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By Mike Johnson

Some search for agates.
Some search for ideas.
Some search for treasure.
Some search for sparks.

“Sparks” are fascinating people.
They are the type of people likely to search for agates, ideas or treasure.

Or perspective, wisdom, inspiration, enlightenment.

If their search leads them down rabbit holes, all the better. These are massive ore fields of hidden truth untouched by the mediocre mass of men.

Sparks are confident, playful, curious, interesting. They’ve lived a bold life and their stories connect the dots of adversity, imagination, courage and redemption.

They’ve wildly succeeded (and failed!) at adventures most never even attempt.

They’re so comfortable in their skin they don’t have to prove anything. They can afford to be playful. They are wizards who see the humor in the illusion of horror.

Their impish grins give them away. Secret victories, that no one would ever suspect, flash upon their screen of memory. They’re playing to an audience of themselves.

They’re super heroes walking unnoticed through Walmart.

They KNOW.

When you find a spark, it’s magic. Your amperage intensifies.

Sparks can be authors. Business owners. Seatmates on a plane. Your uncle.

When you feel the wattage, you know.

Jackpot! You’ve found a spark.

These are the best people you'll ever meet. Don’t miss the opportunity.



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