By Mike Johnson

The cabal that runs the world is trying to kill you.
Wars. Chemtrails. GMO foods. Weather modification. Magic viruses. Bioweapon injections. False flag attacks. Drug trade. Human trafficing. Lies that divide us. Destroying the purchase power of our money.
Once you gain clarity on this, your behavior changes.

This cabal has taken over the federal government and many aspects of state and local government.
They own the US military. Justice system. Voting systems. Most corporations. Media. Schools. Medical industry. Banks. Money system.
Every critical system that controls everything worth controlling, is controlled by the cabal.

How did they gain this power?

They BOUGHT it.

Once they gained the power to create money from thin air, we were doomed.
The cabal knew this, we did not.
When you can keystroke trillions from thin air, you can buy anyone and anything.
And they have.

The cabal, fronted by BlackRock and Vanguard, is now the largest owner of 75% of the largest companies in the world. Verify this with the free 60-minute documentary, "Monopoly: Who Owns the World?"

A handful of elitest families control all of the world’s controllers. These families see us as cattle. We are a crop. They believe they are our betters and can do what they like with us. Unfortunately, these families and their minions are not benevolent or moral. They are worse than godless. They worship lucifer.

You're not buying that soda from Coca-Cola or Pepsi, you're buying it from Satan.

This is what we’re up against on earth. A classic, biblical fight between good and evil.

The cabal devils will lose. But not before taking lots of ignorant, confused and gullible good-hearted people with them.

But that’s just the 3-D life.

The spiritual life trumps that because it is eternal. Spirit is what we truly are. We are made in God’s image, in God’s consciousness, eternally connected to God. “My father and I are one.” Our spirit just temporarily inhabits these bodies.

Don’t let devil-created fear and confusion force temporary, shameful decisions that stain your eternal soul.

Never forget: The cabal is trying to kill you.

So you have the God-given right of self-defense.

Do not obey. Do not pay. Within their systems do not stay. Starve the beast in every possible way.

We out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

These devils have been physical attacking you your entire life.

When will you stop resupplying the enemy?



How to peacefully fight back: "Feed Yourself, Starve the Beast"

How to peacefully make yourself omnipotent: Devils Fear Clarity

How to lawfully refuse to comply: Non-Compliant Movie (60-minute video)

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