Cabal Mathematics

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By Mike Johnson

During 1977, the grimest financial year of my life, I rented a one-bedroom apartment for $175 per month.
That same apartment complex is still in business 46 years later. I just looked it up. A one-bedroom apartment rents for $1,160 per month today. $20 more if you have a cat.
This is seven times more than I paid.

This means that from 1977 to 2023 the cabal that runs the US dollar stole 100% of your rental purchase power every 6.6 years.

My dad purchased our childhood home for $17,500 in 1962. I just looked it up on Zillow. Today itís valued at $319,000.
This is 18 times more than he paid.
This means that from 1962 to 2023, the cabal stole 100% of your housing purchase power every 3.4 years.

Iím not sure how to calculate these inflation rates but theyíre spectacularly higher than what the government claims.

Food, gasoline and utility prices have increased in the same spectacular manner.

These are the bills no one can escape.

Diabolically convenient for the cabal, real wages have only increased a small fraction of these amounts. This is why today, both parents must work fulltime to stay afloat. Or why one-parent households must work multiple jobs or apply for government assistance.

In the 1960ís, one parent working fulltime, earned enough money to comfortably pay all the bills and enjoy a middle-class lifestyle. This was the norm then.

This is what the cabal has stolen from us all.

Not just money, but TIME. Peace of mind. Kids having a fulltime mom. Dadís having a fulltime wife. Momís having time to themselves while dad worked and kids went to school.

By looting our treasury and counterfeiting our money, the cabal has created the carnage of stressed lives. Divorced & broken families. Feral children. Drug & alcohol abuse. Gangs. Skyrocketing crime.

They've stolen our very life force.

Broken, exhausted, indebted people have no time to supervise or fight the cabal that runs our world. This was no accident.

These are both personal and global crimes. Theyíve pillaged enough. Stop enabling them.

Itís way past time to flip them the finger and stop sending them money in every way possible.

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