Dine on Beauty

Photo by Mike Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Your environment is the mold that shapes your life.
It can inspire you to become your best self.
Or become the thumb that holds you down.

Your family, friends, home, job and activities tell you who you are.
These are lies of course, but they seem real. Few are able to doubt this feedback enough to leave a limiting environment.

You are formless and limitless. Your environment is the thing stuck in a shape.

But it seems so real and inflexible!

This is why itís wise to surround yourself with beauty wherever you can. Anything that causes good feelings, aspirations or inspiration is worthy to surround you in this world.

You can build this environment yourself or you can just step into it.

The city park is free. Itís beautiful. Itís inspiring. Better to wander among the trees than follow the masses lockstep on the asphalt.

Podcasts and videos are free. They teach anything. Make you laugh. Better to listen to inspiring people than those complaining water cooler friends.

Libraries are free. Each book is a new world. Pick the right worlds and you gain the knowledge and inspiration to duplicate them in your own reality.

Surround yourself with what you want to become. With what gives you joy. With what reminds you of your best self.

You deserve it. You NEED it.

Our environment is the mold that shapes us.

But thanks to God's gifts of consciousness and free will, we can edit that mold in any way that we like.



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