When There's a Gap, There's Deceit

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By Mike Johnson

If every movement of evidence is not stringently observed and documented, that evidence can be altered.
Then it becomes fraudulent evidence.
This is why the law says if the chain of evidence is broken, the evidence cannot be admitted to court.

Mail-in voting is a major opportunity for fraud.
It extends the voting and counting process from a single day, to as much as 30 to 60 days. The more time, the more time to falsify results.

The bigger the gap between vote and count, the bigger the chance for deceit.

Rational, critically-thinking people do not demand gaps in any chain of evidence.

Only dishonest people do.

To tighten integrity, you close the gaps.

Electronic voting creates the same gap. Voters have no way of verifying the machine is accurate. Experts have proven the machines can be hacked. They’ve also discovered hidden software that deletes votes, flips votes and automatically grants 1.2 votes to the other guy for every one vote to your guy.

The machines can never be 100% trusted. They create a gap between your vote and how it is counted.

So why use them? Anyone defending the machines is actually defending cheating.

When you see anyone offering or arguing for gaps, you have encountered a dishonest person.

The only way to ensure honesty is to eliminate ALL gaps.

No machines. No mail-in ballots. No extra voting days.

In-person, paper ballots. Voter ID required. Hand counts with witnesses. Same day voting and counting and announcing the results.

This is all very obvious to honest people. Honest people keep things very simple and very specific.

Whenever you see someone try to create a gap by complicating a simple process – especially when they argue that it is for our greater good – you’ve identified a liar and a crook.

In America, if your lawful vote is negated by a fraudulent vote, government loses all legitimacy to you because it has stolen your only control over it.

We have self-government here. Every citizen picks that government. If they steal your vote, you owe them no allegiance, no obedience, no respect. They are criminal thugs who stole a position they did not earn. Their fraud negates their "election," making them null and void and devoid of all power.

The legal term is "Fraud vitiates everything."

It's a fun irony that the cabal's creation of fraudulent election gaps has pushed themselves into the abyss of negation.

They have no power. Ignore them. Shun them. Negate them. Withhold your consent.

They are nothing, pretending they are something.

Let's use every opportunity to lawfully remind them.


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