Fear of Death

Photo by Mike Johnson

By Mike Johnson

I donít fear death.
I donít invite pain, but departing is no big calamity.

In this world, this is unusual.

Hollywood is especially good at milking the threat of death to advance its stories. Death is presented as the ultimate loss. The ultimate heartbreak.

If you die, they imply, itís all over forever. Youíre gone. Disappeared. Zeroed out. DEAD.

Death is used in films to agitate survivors. Now they can show grief, anger, hopelessness. The survivor loses control and spins into reckless behavior. Drinking, drugs, risky sex. Then thereís a moment of awareness and it all changes. The survivor cleans up his act and fixates on a quest to get even, which leads to sweet revenge and redemption.

None of these plotlines work when the reality of death is exposed.

Death is just the soul leaving the body behind. A transition to something better. Bigger. A reawakening to who you really are. A return to your spirit home.

Knowing this with clarity, takes the sting out of death. Both your own and those you love.

Like any topic, you fear it less as you study it more.

When my mother died when I was 14, it was devastating because nobody shared this information. From the pastor of my church to my father, nobodyís explanation provided comfort. Their shallow, generic comments revealed they knew nothing specific about death either. They were as clueless as me.

So I made death a study. I made God a study. I became my own expert.

This process of self-study took the fear out of lots of things in my life.

Fear of anything, is just the universe screaming at you to look deeper.

Most people refuse to look.

But those who do, experience death. The death of fear.



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