Gallon Per Minute

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By Mike Johnson

When you get your water from a spring, time is your friend.

The typical household that monitors and conserves its water uses less than 100 gallons per day.

In my neighborhood, 14 homes share a spring. The spring collects water in a tank that is gravity-piped to five, 1,000-gallon storage tanks. This water is then piped to each lot, accessible by a hydrant. Residents then manually fill their 1,000-gallon cisterns once a week by hose from the hydrants. Their individual, interior, pressurized household systems then treat and purify the water and push it throughout their home just like homes hooked to city water systems.

Because there are 1,440 minutes in a day, we only need the spring to produce a gallon per minute to fully satisfy the needs of the 14 households. The spring produces more than that so there is an adequate buffer.

The spring does not produce water fast enough for direct hook-ups like city systems, so the storage tanks, cisterns and TIME solve that problem.

Likewise, small actions, over time, greatly multiply results. A consistent, daily trickle of progress, multiplied by time, fills your desires.

On earth, the potential human growth rate is a gallon per minute. Most people squander this gallon by having no system to collect and multiply.

Those who DO have a system are easy to identify. By their fruits ye shall know them.

If you want more than you currently have, develop your daily system. Become an H2HO.

It takes so little to gain so much.

Water you waiting for?



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