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By Mike Johnson

We’re groomed from birth to look to others for validation.
It starts with parents and friends.
We interact, watch their reactions and adjust accordingly.

As we age, teachers, authorities, bosses and lovers enter the mix.
Their reactions to us mold the parameters of our words, deeds, beliefs, character and values.
In short, we willingly let others define who we are.

With an ounce of grace, introspection eventually reveals that many of these people were not worthy to mimic. They’re more confused than you.

It takes time and experience to gain the perspective to see “your life” has many elements that aren’t yours at all.

Seeking validation from others is like willingly entering captivity.

Worse, it’s a type of captivity someone else designed.

Ever notice that you act differently around different people? You’re willingly conforming to the captivity of their expectations that you've assembled from their previous reactions to your words and deeds.

Are they really worthy of all that effort?

Are they any more wise or worthy than you?

Is your self-worth so low that you willingly become someone else’s prisoner of approval?

You do not need validation from other people. If you could spend 30 seconds in most peoples' heads, you’d realize you were casting your pearls before swine.

The only worthy validation of who you are is from deep inside your eternal soul.

This is who you REALLY are.

Unshackle yourself from external validation.

Validate yourself.




You're already validated: Nothing is Everything


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