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By Mike Johnson

Cars are a calamity of costs and complexity.

Costs are very familiar.
Gasoline, oil changes, tires, repairs, insurance.
If you have a loan payment on top of all that, you really need to question your financial smarts.

Come the Great Collapse, automobile infrastructure may be impossible to maintain.
There may be no gas to buy. No money to buy it with. No service shops open. No replacement parts.
Your car will still function as storage or a place to sleep but they’ll be no moving it.

What’s your backup plan?

How about a low-tech, peddle-powered bicycle?

Low cost. No fuel necessary. No oil to change. No insurance.
You can fix the occasional flat tire yourself.
Install saddlebags and you can easily carry a full range of items.

Or go the upgrade route.
Buy a light, cheap electric bike.
They still pedal without a battery but the battery extends your range.
Perhaps you have a generator for charging? If not, the thing will still function.

Enjoy the battery luxury during good times, enjoy the bike still working during bad times.

At the least, get one for recreation. The fresh air and exercise will do you good. Bikes are just as fun to ride today as they were when you were a kid.

When the financial system all goes to hell, you’ll be much happier with a working bicycle than some worthless digital or paper dollars.

You DO know it's all going to collapse any minute, right?



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