You're Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Photo: Mike Johnson

By Mike Johnson

This may be the only location on earth that holds a gumball machine, cello and antelope in the same frame.
The landing to my loft office always launches a smile.

Expand the frame and you’ll find a comic book rack, some loved but unhung art and the back of a 13-ton stone fireplace.
Dangling overhead, from a leather strap, is a moose antler carved into a soaring eagle.
Like The Addams Family living room, it all reveals the uniqueness of the resident.

You don’t just capture this menagerie of interests directly. Unique up on it.

The journey begins with introspection. You have to sift the contents of your brain and establish what is actually “yours.”
So much in there is just crap stuffed in from others.

The true, the false. The shoulds, the woulds. The lies disguised as wise.
Until you sort the banjos from the cellos you don’t know what you prefer.

Determining preferences then tells you who “you” are.

Self-motivation, self-study and self-discipline then allow you to find it, acquire it and drag it home.

Self-esteem and self-confidence allow you to proudly live it and proudly proclaim it.

What does your environment tell others about you?

But more important, what does it tell YOU about you?

Stack the deck in your favor.

Unique up on it.



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