What You Take

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By Mike Johnson

There is what you want.
And there is what you get.
Making the two match is that thing we call “life.”

Most people settle.
They embrace cowardice, compromise and conformity.
Without doing the difficult math, they stumbled onto the path of least resistance.
If they can tolerate this, good for them. With minimal demands and auto-pilot, they stay sane enough to drift through life.
That blue pill keeps them level, functional and modestly content.

Then there are the rest of us.
The gap between what we want and what we get, never gets fully sorted.
Like the horizon, no matter how many miles we advance toward the destination, it stays fixed at eye level.
Each “arrival” just exposes the next desire. We never get there.
Which plays havoc on our mental contentedness. But we get miles farther down the personal development journey.
The red pill is tough duty.

How we deal with these physical and mental variables, is also that thing we call “life.”

Perhaps we temper the challenge by cheating at the margins.
We run “what we want” through a rigid cost-benefit calculation to make sure it’s worthy of the effort.
Then we stop the chase once we “get” a fair portion of “enough.”

It all boils down to what we’ll take from life.

Who determines what process is best?
Who writes the rules?
Who sets the standards?
Who judges the results?

Why do we even bother doing any of it?

Our will to live pushes us through an entire lifetime of activity. Yet we still die an earthly death.
What if we question that will to live? Is it worthy of all the effort?

Who’s to say?

These are the questions few ask themselves, let alone polite company.



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