November 22, 1963: Who Shot JFK?

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By Mike Johnson

My prior post, Sixty Years gives the 30,000 foot overview of JFKs murder.

Now we tackle the ground-level specifics: Who did it?

This topic has so many tangents, there is not time or space to bring you from A to Z.

So well jump right to the fruit of the research.

Secret Service Agent William Greer, the driver of the limousine, killed JFK.

Its a 99% certainty that the driver fired the fatal head shot.

This is proven by Greer's actions and JFK's reactions on the Zapruder tape; JFKs head wound locations as described by Dallas doctors; and the exit wound aligning to a straight line from Greer, to JFKs right temple and out the back.

The shot trajectory is an exact match. No other trajectories accurately line up for the head shot wounds, including the grassy knoll.

There is also a large list of visual, auditory and smell witnesses who saw and heard the driver shoot, and/or smelled gunpowder IN the car.

Here is a very good link telling this story which offers many sources, videos and related tangents: The Driver Did It

There is evidence all the shots came from inside the car.
So any shots fired from outside the car were just misdirection to disguise and confuse.

Obviously, if a Secret Service Agent killed Kennedy, it was an inside job.
This agent was never prosecuted, so the government cabal hid his crime and protected him.
This means he was working on their orders.

The government also controlled the car, the body, the clothing, the bullet fragments, the autopsy.
All these pieces of evidence have been proven to have been altered.

Only the government cabal could do all that. No lone gunman had access to that evidence.

So we come right back to the point of my "Sixty Years" post.

If a cabal killed the president 60 years ago and blamed a fake narrative, what has stopped them from performing larger crimes and larger lies over the past six decades?


In fact, our gullibity and inaction have encouraged them to do much worse.

Pick any topic or any history. The world you're presented is a massive lie.

Humanitys biggest failure is ignorance and small thinking.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
Hosea 4:6

We fail to grasp the massive size of the cabal and the size of its evil.
We fail to discern their massive lies.

We aren't evil people or large liars ourselves, so we cant imagine others thinking that way.


We better get our heads around this soon.
This evil cabal has grown to an enormous size and is aggressively trying to destroy us all.

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