A Good Life, Despite the Cabal

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By Mike Johnson

Youíre a god, on assignment in the devilís deceptive world.

Nature is eternally real. Your consciousness is eternally real. Your soul is eternally real.

Your body is temporarily real. Itís whatís required to function in this realm. Itís merely your avatar.

The rest of this world is a massive deception created by the devil.

Itís supported by illusion and lies. It looks real, but it's NOT real.

Your growth, success and joy depend on your ability to discern what is real and what is fake.

The devil cannot harm the real you. Thanks to God, you're too powerful.
So the devil can only deceive you to believe youíre a mouse.

This deception starts at birth and prevents you from learning where you really live and who you really are.

Once deceived about these key facts, you willingly but mistakenly embrace the other falsehoods.

We do not live on a spinning globe, flying through space, as a dust mite in an infinite universe of countless other globes.

Instead, we live on a fixed plain, under a dome, like a terrarium, with our known universe circling in the firmament overhead.
This is all biblical.
This has been scientifically proven.
There are experiments you can conduct to verify this yourself.

The devilís fake world wants us to believe we are small and inconsequential.

Godís natural world proves we are special and important. An endless natural world covered by a dome required a creator. God is real.

God gave us dominion over this world so we all own an equal share of it as our birthright.

The devilís world requires us to work and pay and obey and submit just to survive. This is all fraud and deception.

The devilís fake world has stolen what we already own.

No man is superior to another.
No law is legitimate.
No license is required.
No taxes are due.
No money has value.
No slavery is moral or required.
All government and all authority are illegitimate, null and void and have no power.

The devilís deceptive world is nothing, posing as something.

The only power the devilís world has is what we give it.

We can reject it all. Immediately. Right now.

Itís fake. Itís evil. Itís run from the top by the devil.

His deceived princes worship him by running the many worldwide departments that enslave mankind on earth.

The employees under those princes are deceived. They enable the deception.

The globe is fake.
Globalists are fake.
Global media is fake.
Global warming is fake.
Global war is fake.
Global pandemics are fake.
Global shortages of resources are fake.

Itís all LIES. It's all deception. ALL OF IT.

Like The Truman Show, the devil has built an enormous infrastructure to support and reinforce his deceptions.

The real world exists outside the devilís fake world.

You exit this deception by awakening to where you live and who you are.

Now youíre equipped to create the good, REAL life you imagine.



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