The Tooth Fairy Betrayal

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By Mike Johnson

To a four-year-old, the tooth fairy is real.
To a five-year-old, the easter bunny is real.
To a six-year-old, Santa Claus is real.

But eventually, due to wiser siblings or their own self-discovery, these children learn the truth.
Their parents deceived them.
They lied. Multiple times!

These were sweet lies. No real harm done. Did it really matter where the coins, candy and curios came from?
The child still got to enjoy them.
Most kids get through this truth discovery without pain.

But a few are forever changed.
They canít get over a stark reality.

Their parents lied to them. Many, many times.

If the people who love you the most, lie to you, imagine how many lies must come from other people.


And then this thought, If the tooth fairy isnít real, what else isnít real?

This is the doorway to truth.

It takes courage to enter.

You must directly face the pain of betrayal.
Someone you trusted lied.
You must onboard the fact that people arenít what they pretend to be.

You must directly face the embarrassment of having been fooled.
How long did you believe this nonsense?
How many times did you repeat the lie and defend it during arguments?

You must directly face the discomfort of researching new, non-mainstream sources.
Wow. These people are telling you some strange things!
Discernment is required. Lots and lots of discernment. There is much misinformation trying to hide truth.

You must directly face the ridicule of friends and family when you share your new truths.
They still believe in the tooth fairy. So they'll defend it aggressively.
They don't have your hunger for truth or the courage to question their beliefs.

So be it.
They'll just suffer ignorance longer.
The universe nudges everyone with discomfort, pain and calamity until they learn the truth.

You just caught on first.

Now you're the smartest person in the room. But only you can see this.

This is the price you pay for valuing truth above conformity to the herd.

It's lonely.
It's frustrating.
It's difficult.

Itís worth it.



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