People or Sheeple?

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By Mike Johnson

In the humorous 2006 movie “Idiocracy,” a man is placed in suspended animation.
He was selected because he had no family.
He was also unaware, lazy and mediocre.
No one would miss him if the experiment failed.
Due to bureaucracy and bad luck, he’s forgotten until he awakens 500 years later.

During that time, because the worst of society did most of the breeding, the average IQ of the world had dropped to about 70.

Our hero was now the smartest man in the world.

Everything was falling apart, yet people were too stupid and distracted to fix any of it. They mindlessly just did what they were told, ordered around by “leaders” who were even bigger morons.

Despite obvious failure and collapse all around them, the sheeple still listened to and obeyed authority.

They spent all waking hours trying to make their misery more comfortable, rather than finding ways to escape it.

Exactly what’s occurring today.

Low-awareness “Sheeple” are the only reason our moronic, dishonest and evil leaders are able to rule.
There are just too damn many sheeple obeying the systems of misery.

This includes the enforcers, who by refusing to question the morality or legality of orders, become henchmen for tyrants.

A John Wayne meme comes to mind:

"Life is hard.
It’s even harder if you’re stupid."

Some of us hold the knowledge to help these unaware people.
But they won’t ask, let alone listen.
So we CAN’T help these people.

Through their obedience, the least-aware humans enable the destruction of the most-aware.

All the while, the least-aware believe their knowledge is superior to the most-aware.


It’s demoralizing.

Bigger people have tried to enlighten the masses.

Jesus. Gandhi. MLK.

All were killed for sharing better knowledge.

The least-aware were so ignorant that they killed the most-aware who were trying to help them.

On the upside, I’m certain these martyred visionaries felt massive relief to return to a higher, smarter realm.



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