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By Mike Johnson

The criminal cabal that runs our governments bombards us 24/7/365 with fake news about our “enemies.”

Sometimes it’s focused on individuals like Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping.

Most times it’s focused on entire countries like Russia or China.

How can an entire country be an enemy to America?

Countries are filled with individuals.
Each person has their own interests, skills, personality and character.
Each is a miracle of creation.
Each is a son or a daughter, wife or a husband, mother or a father, friend or a mentor.
Each has a soul.
Each was made by God.

Like the Iranian woman pictured here.
She's no dangerous enemy.

If we met her at the market we’d chat about our kids or the price of tomatoes.

Any leader that labels an entire country as “enemy,” is clearly evil themselves.

The truth is, if it wasn’t for evil leaders stirring the pot of division and lies, we’d live in a peaceful world.

Leaders of countries aren’t protecting us. They’re destroying us.

The sooner we stop looking where they point, and start looking at WHO is doing the pointing, the sooner we’ll identify our real enemies.




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