Prepare For Sudden Changes

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By Mike Johnson

When the financial system collapses, our federal government will fall.
Many state governments too.
As they should, because they caused the mess.

On the upside, when everyone is broke and starving, itís easy to see what is critically important.

Government massively fails that test.
Large and corrupt government especially.
We are much better off without it.

Desperate, angry people are going to strike back.
As they should.
As long as they identify the right targets.
Which they wonít.

Donít forget the top tier of the cabal that owns and directs most governments.
The families that own the central banks, large corporations and their media.
These are the devilís princes.

Payback is coming and itís going to be savage.

Argentina, suffering 180% inflation and starving people, just elected a leader who promised to slash government.
On his first day, he eliminated 13 entire government departments.
All were bloated.
All were unnecessary.
All tyrannized, enslaved and gaslit citizens who should be free.

It is glorious to watch government be eradicated after unlawfully abusing and feeding off citizens for so long.

Payback is coming.
Payback is deserved.
Payback will be brutal and ruthless.

Government only survives because we allow it. Once enough citizens realize theyíre being raped, pillaged and gaslighted, they take action.
Governments fear this the most because they know they are guilty.
They know they deserve destruction.

Letís hope the evisceration of our corrupt federal government is as peaceful and as complete as Argentinaís.

I doubt it will.
Which is why Iíve been encouraging people to prepare since 2005.

Below are more resources for that preparation.

May God bless us with enlightenment, inspiration and peace during these interesting times.

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