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By Mike Johnson

Since retiring years ago, I exercise my mental health Medicarefully.
ďRealityĒ is different than it's portrayed. This becomes more obvious when you're not under anyone's thumb.
Give me an inch and I think Iím my own ruler.

I entertain myself with perpetual research.
My reality is different than yours.
My favorite mental friends are Ann Archy and Hal Lucinate.

Born in the Stone Age, raised in the Stoned Age, Iíve graduated to the Jurassic Geriatric Age.

I used to keep my private shit private. Now I laugh manically as I sling handfuls into the fan.

You get more truth out of old guys. The crazier the thoughts, the more fun they are to share.

But theyíre wasted on youth.

Buy us a beer and weíll happily share the honest what-for.
Itís too much work to lie. We no longer have the memory for it.

We know weíre wiser than you. We see you have boatloads of mistakes to go before you figure it out.

But we donít lord that over you. We just quietly smile as we size you up.

You canít see our brain. You canít see our clarity. You canít see our inner invulnerable Superman.

We used to be you. We know everything you know plus all the stuff you havenít yet learned.

We like you.
We want to save you grief and pain.
But you likely donít want any help.

Most donít.

So we standby, make banana dolphins, ready to leap into a deeper porpoise.




The Power of Clarity


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