Christ vs the Devil

Photo: "Prince of Peace" painted by Akiane Kramerik. At age 4, Akiane started hearing and seeing Jesus in visions. She painted this Jesus portrait at age 8. Its accuracy was verified by Colton Burpo ("Heaven is For Real") who visited heaven and met Jesus.

By Mike Johnson

The good news is that both the Christ consciousness and the God consciousness are inside YOU.
They permeate every cell in your body and soul.
Through the grace of God, your creator, this eternal gift was given to YOU.

You are actually a piece of God. You marinate in God’s consciousness.
The Christ consciousness is inside you to remember and FEEL this reality.
You just have to ask for it. Notice it. Claim it. Dwell within it.

Doing so raises your vibration. As your vibration rises, your troubles drop away. They only reside in lower vibrations.

So the trick to overcoming life is not to overcome it, but to rise above it by keeping your attention on higher vibrations.
Like the Christ consciousness. Which you already possess.

Christ lived the perfect life and proved bodily death only releases the eternal soul.
The best way to achieve a desire is to study people who have already achieved what you want.
Christ is the ultimate expert.

The devil and his minions are trapped in the lowest vibrations.
This is due to their own fixation.
They only see darkness (evil) and deceit because they stay fixated on it.
Forgive them father for they know not what they do.

The lower does not conceive the higher.

But the higher fully understands the lower.

God made man too powerful for the devil to destroy.
The devil can kill a body but not a soul.
Some believe no murder can occur without the prior permission of the victim in a “soul contract” made before inhabiting a body on earth.
The body is temporary.
Your soul is eternal.

So the devil can only deceive people to forget they were created by God himself.
Deceive who they are and deceive where they live.
The devil has taken over every earth system to support this deceit.
Like “The Truman Show,” the deceitful infrastructure is enormous and everywhere.
Everything you have been told by authority's education, information and indoctrination systems is a lie.

Until you start questioning and unlearning everything you think you know, you don’t know anything that is true.

Until you start fixating on the Christ within, you will not raise your vibration high enough to see the truer picture.
The higher you climb in consciousness, the farther you can see.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, remember that he still resides inside YOU.
Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you.

Christ is the winning team because light always overcomes darkness.
High vibration goes places low vibration cannot even comprehend.

God has already won and you are a piece of God.

All the devil can do is lie about the result.
Wake up. Do not fall for it.
Rebuke the devil's earthly systems.
Look for deeper truth.
Look within.
Christ and his truth are waiting for YOU.



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