Cabal is Shaking the Jar

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By Mike Johnson

An evil global cabal of 300 families rules the world.
This is easily proven by researching the ownership of public companies.
Blackrock, Vanguard and State Street are the largest owners of 75% of all public corporations.

The 300 families own these three entities AND own the central banks that create and control all global money.
This unlimited and unaudited money has bought, bribed, blackmailed and threatened every needed leader in every government.

When you see a leader say or do something irrational, they are not merely stupid. They are being ordered to do it.
They are owned. Their life and their family’s life depends on obeying those orders.
Their life must be hell and they deserve it for being so weak to go along.

This cabal owns the mainstream media that provides the world with its “news” and “information.”
Too many intellectually-lazy people fail to realize this and still believe what “authority” says.

Most “authority” is now criminals.

This is like a thief stealing a publishing company and then publishing books blaming the theft on someone else.
Then they’re never prosecuted because they own the justice system leaders who are ordered to ignore the crime.

When corruption metastasizes as much as ours, there is no way to vote out criminals because the cabal owns the election system too.

The cabal keeps attention off itself by sowing chaos and division among citizens.
The cabal creates all the problems on purpose, then uses those problems to justify actions that take more money, freedom, health and clarity away from us.

War is a cabal lie.
Racism is a cabal lie.
Climate crisis is a cabal lie.
Vaccines are a cabal lie.
Secure borders are a cabal lie.
Lack of resources is a cabal lie.
Honest elections are a cabal lie.
Democrats and Republicans are a cabal lie.
Insurrection is a cabal lie.
Multiple genders are a cabal lie.
Diversity is a cabal lie.
Feminism is a cabal lie.
Abortion is a cabal lie.

The cabal purposely creates all this chaos, tosses it into the jar with us, then uses its media to shake the jar.

Confused and angry, we then attack each other rather than the cabal that shook the jar.

Clearly, the problems are not the real problems.

The real problems are the cabal and their corrupted, OWNED LEADERS WHO ARE CAUSING THE PROBLEMS.

Millions of us already know this. We’re fighting back peacefully by starving the beast in every possible way.

The cabal only survives because millions of others have not yet figured this out.

If this is new information to you:

You’re in the jar with us all.
The cabal keeps shaking it.
You still believe the cabal’s lies and media.
You blame other citizens for those problems.
This exposes your ignorance to those of us who have done the research.

We’re trying to SAVE you.
Your gullible cooperation with the cabal is helping destroy us all.

It's well-past time to reject "authority" and mainstream media and do your own research.

Stop believing the fox that attacks the hens. Listen to the hens!

Wake up. The cabal and their corrupted leaders have stolen the people's freedom, wealth, health, self-government and very lives.

We out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

If we starve their income and refuse to comply, we can still stop them.

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