Nibble to Noble

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By Mike Johnson

Look around.
Everyone is a mirror of what they’ve thought and what they’ve done.

This took time.
No one gets to a destination without making a journey.

We only travel moment-by-moment.
This can happen by default or by intention.

The quality of the destination tells you which is which.

Those with the best lives took the toughest intentional journeys.
They’ve traveled a long time.
They learned to make each moment and each day count.
They nibble.


They established a daily routine that advances their dreams a little every day.

They know that most of their day is dedicated to other activities.
Perhaps 23 out of 24 hours is dedicated to work, family, friends, chores, errands, survival and sleep.

This makes the remaining hour critically important.
If they don’t nibble on their dream to-do list then, it’ll never happen.

This better future is so important, achievers decide to give that hour to themselves FIRST.
Now they’ve ensured that progress will be made every single day.
The daily momentum inspires them to keep nibbling.

Little bites, over time, lead to amazing destinations.

The time is going to pass anyway.
The unaware nibble their moments toward nothing.
The aware and inspired nibble some prime moments toward noble.



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