The Quest For Truth

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By Mike Johnson

Truth is squishy.
As you grow, it grows.
As you stop, it stops.

You only see as much truth as you’re able to believe.
When you hit the wall of a belief, you’ve hit the limit of your quest.

The only way to keep advancing truth is to build a door or remove the wall.

“Building a door” is suspending your belief temporarily to mingle with new information until you can discern its integrity.

If YOU have integrity, you’ll engage the courage to challenge and remove beliefs so you can advance to where truth leads.
No matter what.
Even if this alienates you from the prevailing narrative.

Most people find this too difficult.
The parameters of their truth journeys are dictated by what authority, conventional wisdom and peer pressure tells them.

These people value “fitting in” more than truth.
These are not the world’s wisest people.
Yet they populate most of the world’s most powerful positions.

This is why the masses languish in mediocrity and obey insane directives far more than aware individuals.

Fortunately, you are an individual.
You can ignore group-think if you choose.

You can do your own research. Discern deeper truth yourself. Become your own expert.

The deepest truths require your deepest commitment to travel wherever those truths lead.

Truth is superior to lesser beliefs because it leads to far better rewards than you ever get by “fitting in.”

Soul. Health. Money. Freedom. Knowledge. Peace. Joy. Love. These are just a few of the larger aspects of life that improve after gaining deeper truths.

Do you have the courage to question the most entrenched "facts" and follow where truth leads?
If so, you're in a rare, expanding, enlightened club.

How do you know when you've encountered a committed, disciplined seeker of truth?

By their fruits ye shall know them.



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