About This Civil War

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By Mike Johnson

The cabal has planned the destruction of the United States for decades.
Over decades, they have quietly bribed, threatened, blackmailed (and killed) leaders to do their bidding.

They have purposely, steadily overwhelmed all of America’s biggest systems – welfare, warfare, healthcare, immigration, national debt – to purposely destroy our financial viability.
They have used their media to confuse and divide us so we fight among ourselves.
Racism, gender and political party fights are not real.
They’re just media-fanned fakery.
But it makes us misinformed, angry and divided.

This leaves them free to safely continue their destruction.

So now we face actual civil war due to the feds refusing to obey and enforce rules of entry at the southern border. This is treason because it aids and abets our enemies.

Why has this come to a head now?
The border has been a sieve for three years.
Millions have illegally crossed, many of them military-aged men.

Suddenly now, the Texas governor, who watched all this illegal entry for three years, decides enough is enough.

This governor is cozy with the World Economic Forum (WEF) the evil face of the cabal that says by 2030, “you’ll own nothing and be happy.”
These are the same elites behind climate taxes, digital bank currency, eating bugs and pandemics.

I suspect Biden and the Texas governor are just two wrestlers pretending they are enemies.
Both have been ordered to start civil war. So both are playing their roles to stoke it.

Many, if not all, of the 25 governors who signed the letter supporting Texas are corrupt too.
They do what the cabal orders them to do.
It appears the cabal has ordered a civil war.

With our military spread across the world covering the hot spots of Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Iran, Yemen, Taiwan and North Korea, our defenses are weak.
With our borders open for three years, who knows how many secret combatants have entered?
Add civil war and we’re exposed to attack from within and without.

Using stolen elections, lying media and other monkey business, the cabal has stoked our anger against each other and the federal government.
Many citizens WANT civil war.
This makes it easier for the cabal to start it.
Just the way they planned.

The cabal wants America destroyed.
With us gone, they easily rule the world.

This all aligns with the Deagel Report published a good ten years ago.
This is a CIA-related and military-funded think-tank that published population estimates for each country for the year 2025.

At the beginning, they estimated a USA population of just 50 million in 2025. This was when our population was over 200 million.
They’ve since upgraded their estimate to 100 million.
The current USA population is 340 million.
So they are predicting 240 MILLION dead Americans within the next year.

What do they know that we don’t?
Or better said, what evil does the cabal have planned for us that we don’t realize?

I find it interesting that Deagel predicts Russia, China and Iran to maintain their existing populations, while the USA/Canada, Israel, Europe, Scandinavia and Australia have massive declines.
Some people are using these Deagel estimates to determine the safest locations to live.

You really don’t understand the cabal until you realize they worship the devil.
This is a spiritual battle between God and the devil.
Those of us still aware of our spiritual nature know that God wins.
But the athiests and satanists are deceived to believe there is no God.

The saddest thing about this battle is how many good people don’t realize they are HELPING the devil’s cabal.
Through apathy, sloth, misplaced trust, poverty and unawareness, they work for the devil’s companies, buy the devil’s products and services, support the devil’s leaders and believe the devil’s lying media and education systems.

Like "The Truman Show" movie, the infrastructure to maintain the devil’s deception is enormous and everywhere.
Like Truman, you have to gain real clarity and real courage to break free.

This is each individual’s challenge.
You came to earth at this time for a reason.
You’re witnessing – and living – a critical timeline in history.

This is a test for your soul.
What role will you play?
Which side will you pick?
Events are going to force you to choose.

Remember, earth life is temporary.
Soul life is eternal.

Live a life that you’ll be proud to talk about on the other side.

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Deagel Report population estimates for 2025 by country

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