Road Hard & Put Up Wet

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By Mike Johnson

Is your job giving you a stroke?
Feel like you’re swimming upstream?
Tired of their way or the highway?

Busy treading water, you might not realize there is a free way to cement a better path.

Just make income a “study.”

Study income like you study sports, politics, celebrities or hobbies.

There are many ways to earn income.
Jobs are just #1 on a long list.

Not #1 because they are the best, but because they are the most obvious.

In many ways, jobs are the WORST way to earn income. Ten Reasons You Should Never Get a Job

You’d think people would extensively research all the ways to earn income before they make a life-long selection.

You’d be wrong.

Most people just ape what other people do.
So most people trade their priceless time for common money at some job.

Instead of looking at the mass of mediocre men for guidance, study the people who have already achieved what you really desire – financial and time freedom.

There really ARE people in this world who do not have to work a schedule.
There really ARE people who earn more money than their monthly nut.
There really ARE people who don’t need permission to take a day, a week or a month off.

Their brains are no bigger than yours.
They just looked deeper into the pool of possibilities.
They found a better opportunity and dove in.
They learned to swim as they went along.

Just like employees do every time they change jobs.
Everyone is wet behind the ears when they try something new.

The difference being, once the income contrarians learn the new strokes, they paddle their way out of the employment pool altogether.

Everyone is afraid when facing change.
Nothing in life is certain.
But that’s what makes it exciting.
And heroic.
And worthy of your time, energy and focus.

Those who achieve financial and time freedom don't see the income journey as a chance to drown, they see it as an adventure.



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