Stocking Wood

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By Mike Johnson

Snow is in the forecast.
Experience has taught itís easier to stock the firewood by pushing the wheelbarrow on grass rather than snow.
It's warmer on a clear day than a snow day too.
So Iíll be topping off the firewood supply this morning, BEFORE the storm arrives.

I fill both the hearth area inside the house, and the firewood rack just outside the front door under our covered porch.
Four or five wheelbarrow loads maxes us out.

I enjoy the chore so donít think of it as work.
I long ago learned the differentiator that makes every task more pleasant.

ďI CHOOSE to do this.ď

If you HAVE to do it, youíre trapped and captive.
If you CHOOSE to do it, youíre free and sovereign.

Big difference.

You can expand this as large as you like.

I used to HAVE to live in Florida. I HAD to live there to keep my job.
So I figured out a way to earn income without a job, a schedule or a location.

Then I CHOSE to live in Wyoming. I CHOOSE to stay here.
Even in winter.

Freedom is proven by having experienced both extremes then consciously choosing what you most enjoy.

Our winters can be brutal. I can imagine returning to a warmer climate one day.
But not yet.

When Iím ready, I have the freedom to CHOOSE.

That hard-earned thought, warms me every bit as much as that firewood.



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