Avoid Depression About the Depression

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By Mike Johnson

We’ve been in an economic depression for years.
You feel it. I feel it.
Then covid lockdowns fatally wounded what was left of our economy and financial system.
Government and mainstream media refuse to admit it.

The only things keeping our economy and financial system afloat are counterfeit trillions keystroked from thin air, and “dark money” plugging insolvency holes behind the scenes.
The cabal can pull the plug at any minute.
They’ve been working their plan to destroy America for decades.

The purchase power of the dollar is losing 1% per month, 12% per year (ShadowStats.com).
Are your paychecks increasing by that amount?
Are your retirement accounts growing that much?
Of course not.
You are losing ground.

If you were the wicked witch in “The Wizard of Oz,” this is the scene where you’d be crying, “I’m melting!”

Depressions are depressing.
Numerous studies have revealed the best way to fight depression is through action.
Change things up. Interrupt your pattern.
Move your body, move your mind.
Focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

Many are focusing on a second job to supplement the family income.
That’s a start, but it’s an ultimate loser because you can only sustain so many work hours before other issues arise.

Exhaustion. Frustration. Breakdown of parenting and spouse relationships.

Here is the better long-term solution: "Your Second Job is to Replace Your First Job"

In today’s kooky world, you don’t want your entire income dependent on some employer.
You want to OWN your income stream.

Now you have income security and control over your own work schedule and pay rate.

Here’s where to start: "How to Escape the Rat Race"


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