The Power of You

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By Mike Johnson

In every group there is a mix.

Most conform to the crowd.
One is looking for something else.
One is tentatively halfway out the door.
One openly ignores the group to chase his own dream.

What’s the difference?

Confidence, clarity and courage.

Confidence arises when you’ve done the research. The best research is studying people who have already achieved what you desire.

Clarity arises when you’re confident the research is truth. Who has truth? By their fruits ye shall know them.

Courage arises when you’re clear which action is needed to get the desired result. You adapt your skills and personality to the proven path and start marching.

“The research” is never discovered in conventional wisdom or authority.
If it was, many more people would fulfill their dreams.
Look for contrarians. The greatest achievements in human history were made by people who looked outside the status quo.

Clarity is never encountered passively.
You must hunt it down, discern it, process it, internalize it and push it into imagination and action.

Courageous action must then be launched proactively, with eyes wide open.
Courageous action is the process that solidifies research, imagination and clarity until it becomes reality.

Without awareness, gaining this powerful trio is like herding cats.

With awareness, you realize there never was any competition other than overcoming your own habitual behavior.

Everything you desire already exists. You just have to go get it.



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