Fighting For Your Limitations

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By Mike Johnson

As a contrarian, I reject much that others consider “normal.”

I doubt conventional wisdom.
I challenge limitations that others accept.
I invest thousands of hours researching better ways and deeper truths.

I’ve learned the world we’re presented is a massive lie.

This keeps us all on a short leash.
In every possible topic.

So I rejected conventional wisdom, did my own research and used alternative information to make better life decisions for myself.

The best thing I ever did, was to free myself to THINK, by escaping the work schedule.
Gaining time, while reducing stress, allowed me to find better solutions in many areas.
Financial and time freedom, combined with curiosity, courage and solitude, are required to gain the deepest truths.

This worked for me.
By their fruits ye shall know them.

But it’s lonely out here.

Every day, I encounter people who are parrots and evangelists for the ridiculous.
“The farce is strong in this one.”

It’s surreal.

It’s everywhere, in every topic.

Health. Jobs. Personal finance. Politics. Religion. Science. Education. History. Media. Government.

When I test the length of their short leash with a gentle, alternative view, they leap to defend their limitations.
It’s one thing to be fooled.
Quite another to defend the world's ridiculous, limiting narratives.
Or worse, promote them to others.

“Argue for your limitations and you get to keep them.“ – Richard Bach

Most people automatically accept the reality they’re presented without question.

They're overwhelmed by life.
By work schedules.
To-do lists.
There's too damn much to do just to survive.

So they go along to get along.
They tread water.

So I bite my tongue.
Shake my head.
Thank my creator for my blessings and internal wiring.

Then I listen to them chit-chat about the weather, having no idea they're talking to someone who has lifesaving answers to critical questions that they don’t even know to ask.

Frustration is knowing much, but not being able to share it.

But also realizing there are others much brighter than you, watching you defend your limitations, feeling the same way about YOU.

Wisdom is a slow-moving train and we're all on it.

Some have just earned nicer accomodations closer to the engine.



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