Geese on Earth, Freewill to Men

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By Mike Johnson

The rich don’t accumulate money. They accumulate golden geese.

These golden geese perpetually generate money in real time.
Right now.
Not in some distant future like savings and investments.

Saving money is stupid because money MELTS in value.
Money will never buy more than it will today.
Tomorrow, it buys less.

Internet chatter is once again high regarding a systematic financial failure.

So when I see people investing their money in savings, retirement accounts, stocks & bonds or bitcoin, I’m saddened because I know they're likely to lose it all.

But in their eyes, I'm the one who looks crazy because they've seen their savings steadily “grow” for years.

Alas, this is just the illusion of growth because these financial masterminds do not calculate inflation.

What good is a 5% annual return when REAL inflation is lowering your purchase power by 12% per year (

But these savers only look at the 5% “gain.” And smile.
While they pay tax on that 5% "gain," that is actually a 7% purchasing power LOSS.

Their investments aren’t growing, they're MELTING!
Saving/investing more money every paycheck is like storing ice cream on a July sidewalk.

The other thing these savers don’t study is counter-party risk.

Their savings and investments are not a pile of cash sitting in some vault.

No. Their savings were spent to buy other pieces of paper – extremely over-priced pieces of paper – to get those savers that measly 5% return.

These pieces of paper are not even held in the name of the people who buy them!
They are owned by the financial cabal and are merely a promise to pay, not the payment itself.

Only 3% of all bank and retirement accounts are held in cash.
This means if one party defaults, it cannot pay other parties it owes.
One large default can then cascade through dozens of other parties, preventing them from paying you.

What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.

Have you noticed the huge corruption in politics? I can assure you it's much worse in matters of global finance.

The aware are converting their digits and dollars into physical gold (or less expensive silver) because its value is held within itself.
Gold and silver have been used as money for 4,000 years.
When you own it and you hold it, there is no counter-party risk.

The REALLY aware are buying golden geese.
These are real, physical assets that generate real income every day.
These are things like income properties and businesses.

Buy the right golden geese and you are set for life.

Owning golden geese on earth, gifts freewill to men.

Meanwhile, those who accumulate digits and dollars live in slavery, with far worse slavery to come.
Their "money" is melting 12% per year, right until the day when a sudden collapse will erase it all.

Ignorance has a price and that price is going to be sudden poverty.

People much smarter than me are converting their digits and dollars into real goods, real gold and real golden geese while they still can.

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