Why Help?

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By Mike Johnson

Nothing quiets a room like sharing a truth that is outside the prevailing narrative.

Quick glances ensue.
What do others think?
Do they agree or do their looks say you’re crazy?

People ignorant of outside-the-narrative truths use others as their truth barometer.
If no one else agrees with the different information, they conclude it’s false.

And you realize you’re in the wrong room.

Anyone who uses the group as their truth barometer is a lost soul.
They have no conception of human weakness, nature or character.
They are intellectually lazy and follow the herd.

These are not the world’s brightest or most successful people.

They’re everywhere.

Passive, confused, distracted, mousey, obedient, afraid, frustrated, compliant.

These are the people who wear the masks, take the injections, trust authority and lead mediocre lives.
If it’s broadcast on TV, they believe it.
They’re too gullible and lazy to do their own research.
They only know what they’re told and dammit, they believe it as true.

If you’re an independent researcher, you know everything they know plus everything else you took the time to discover.
You spend your time doubting and searching, they spend their time trusting and conforming.
You’ve found ways to escape misery, they’ve found ways to make their misery more comfortable.

People like us are wired different.
I don’t know why.

Of course, we’d like validation that going against the grain was the right decision.
But we gain validation by the ways our lives improve.
By their fruits ye shall know them.

So we share this alternative information where we can.
We want to help others gain what we gained.
Save them from calamities we avoided.
But most don’t want to hear it and we pick up on that, so dumb-down our conversations to match our audience.

Of course it would be pleasant to get validation from others.
But we’ll never hear it from authority or the masses.
They’re too invested in the lies.
Both as spreaders and believers.

So we silently suffer as we watch people we love follow bad information to bad or mediocre outcomes.

We could help these people, but we can’t help these people.

No one can be saved until they participate in their own rescue.



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