Want Health? Never Take Any Vaccine

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By Mike Johnson

Steve Kirsch took the covid vax. Then he learned he’d made a huge mistake.
A billionaire, he made vaccine research his life’s mission.
Like many others, he discovered the covid vaccines were purposely-created bioweapons.

Despite offering millions to any authority willing to debate, Kirsch can’t even get the CDC or FDA to look at his deep and extensive credentialed medical research.

Then he moved onto the topic of exploding autism rates in children.
Yep, caused by vaccines.
The vaccine schedule for children has now grown to a ridiculous 70 injections.
Once again, no health officials will engage his research.

Kirsch has just released a massive survey that reveals taking ANY vaccine causes innumerable health problems.
In every classification of chronic disease, the vaccinated people are multiple times more likely to be damaged than the unvaccinated.

The survey reveals that vaccines are by far the largest CAUSE of chronic disease in America.

Kirsch’s expert conclusion is that NO ONE, especially children and pregnant women, should ever take ANY vaccine.

Yes, this is clear evidence that vaccine companies have been purposely poisoning us for our entire lives.
Then collecting billions of dollars "treating" diseases that they caused!

Your family doctor was fooled about vaccines just like you.

Once again, this is more evidence that most of the reality you believe is far different than it's publicly portrayed.

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your information.

Here is the information you need to read: Steve Kirsch Vaccine Survey

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