How the World Works in Two Minutes

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By Mike Johnson

Start the clock.
Hereís 67 years of learning in two minutes.

Donít go to college.
Donít borrow money to go college.
Donít invest four years in college.

52% never use their degree.
62% regret choosing the degree they DID select.

There are many cheaper, faster, more effective ways to learn income-generating skills.

Don't use a job to generate your income either.

In fact, the only good reason to get a job, is for LEARNING, not earning.

The shortest path to financial and time freedom is to just BUY a proven, already existing business or income property.

This one minute of reading just saved you hundreds of thousands in personal debt, decades of employment and decades of time.

Now, letís save your eternal soul.

You already exist eternally as a piece of God.
Your soul was created in Godís image.
This is your birthright gift due to Godís grace.

But you incarnated onto earth which has major systems run by the devil.
You arrive with no memory of what came before.
You have free will to figure out the mystery of your life.

The truth is that God gave you an equal share of this world and equal sovereignty over it.
The devil could not take that away so he created an elaborate system of deception on top of it.

History, school, work, bosses, bills, taxes, laws, sickness, rulers, media and governments are all aspects of the devil's big lie.
There is information available that lets you lawfully escape all this deception.

Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to find this information and use it to escape the devilís deceptive systems.

You escape by focusing on what you want (God's world), and remembering that you're a GIANT.
You stay trapped by focusing on the devil's world, being fooled to believe you're a mouse.

No man is superior to you. Bow before no man.
You were made by God, in God's own image.

Live like you know it.
Live a story you'll be proud to tell when you return to God.

There it all is.
How the world works in two minutes.

Now get to work.
See you on the other side.

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