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By Mike Johnson

The TSA operation at Tampa International Airport is a sight to behold.
I saw at least 50 employees at the Terminal A departure area.
Treating humans like cattle has been efficiently normalized.

Most uniformed employees presented a thin veneer of customer service.
But it did little to hide the general motif of concentration camp.
Underneath their rote pleasantries remained the gritty truth – you will comply or you don’t fly.
Or worse, mouth-off and you go to jail.

Our zig-zag line snaked along efficiently, which was a surprise for a government operation.
Processing so many cattle-per-hour must be an important performance metric to the commandant.

As customers, we were forced to apply cognitive dissonance to our dehumanizing in exchange to fly.
As employees, they were forced to disassociate from the immorality of choosing a career that treats human beings like livestock.

All the while, the masters who established these ridiculous systems, are diabolically laughing from their penthouses at our sheepish acceptance of their Nazi tyranny.

Everyone knows that airport “security” is mostly illusion.

For starters, some random TSA agents or airport employees are caught stealing every day.
If they’ll steal, they’ll take bribes to look the other way.
Human nature ensures a percentage of people will always betray others for personal gain.

Then there is a human’s limited powers of concentration and attention.
No one can review every x-ray, every carry-on and every person with 100% scrutiny.
There is always a drop in performance over time and repetition.

There are many ways to destroy a loaded airplane without having to board the thing yourself.
Hollywood makes millions sharing these ways in films.

Suicidal pilots have purposely crashed loaded passenger planes several times too.
If they can’t stop insiders, they can’t stop outsiders.
People are wildcards.

Then there are other glaring realities.
A government that’s truly interested in the safety of its citizens would not be allowing millions of unvetted people through its southern borders.
Or continue injecting bioweapon poison after millions have been injured or killed by those injections.

But this same government wants its own citizens to fear IT.
So they Nazi cattle-sort at every airport. It's a good way to groom citizens to believe they are mice and government is master.

The fun of travel is that you look at things with detached eyes.
It's all new.

Fresh eyes see things in fresh ways.

Ejected from this gang-bang of creepy indignity, half-naked, holding my plastic box of belongings, I sat on a bench, publicly redressing myself.
A woman in the same state of violation muttered her complaints using code words.

This allowed her to vent without being incarcerated.

I took the direct approach.

“It seems that everyone here has forgotten that we're all human beings.”



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