Enforcers Are Not Heroes

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By Mike Johnson

If you’re a paid enforcer for the government, you're living off the lifeblood of your neighbors.
Forced theft from them, feeds you.

If you’re moral and aware, you realize this. So you do your job lawfully, with kindness and compassion.
You try to provide more value than the expense of your salary.
You do not abuse your power, take bribes, or enforce orders that exceed the limits of constitutional authority.

If this is you, thank you. You’re in the moral minority. Keep your job. We need you.

But you’re no hero.
You signed up for the work and you’re being paid for it.
Most of your day is so mundane that you do not deserve your salary.

But occasionally, you’re tossed into the middle of crisis.
During these critical moments, you deserve many multiples of your salary.

But you chose it.
It’s in the job description.
We expect you to do your duty.

If that duty requires risk and courage, then dammit, you better summon it and do your job.
People’s lives are at stake.
Thank you for performing your duty.

But if you’re in the majority of enforcers who abuse their authority, take bribes or enforce orders from superiors that are outside constitutional authority, your soul is stained.
You deserve our scorn.
You are working against the very citizens who pay your salary.
You’re no better than Hitler’s SS agents.

Most enforcers in this category do not see themselves as evil.

Tyranny is sneaky and slippery. Motor vehicle fine quotas, covid lockdowns, mask enforcement and injustice against January 6 protestors have proven this.
Your bosses use your dedicated loyalty and work ethic against you.
They create a culture of loyalty within, which pressures everyone to obey orders, even if they are immoral or unlawful.
Because you are part of the “team,” you obey. You go along to get along.

Conformity is doing what everyone else is doing whether it’s right or not.
Morality is doing the right thing, no matter what everyone else is doing.

As an enforcer, you took an oath to the state and federal constitutions, NOT an oath to some boss or team.
When you fail to discern the difference, YOU become the tyrant who is abusing your neighbors.

Tyranny can only exist if enforcers comply with unlawful and immoral orders.

Most enforcers do not have the constitutional literacy, awareness and character to do the right thing when faced with this pressure.
They do not have the inner clarity and courage to tell their misguided boss or team HELL NO!

This is why I recommend that most enforcers save their soul right now, while they still can.
Immediately quit that job and find different work.

The evil tyrants running the world will be issuing increasingly unlawful and evil orders.
The pressure on enforcers to abuse their neighbors will only increase.
Enforcers’ souls will be increasingly stained.

How much money and pressure does it take to turn you into a Nazi who abuses your neighbors?
It's a slippery slope. It starts with small abuses and grows from there.

Get out while you still can, BEFORE you become evil’s henchman.

If you change your career, you can save your soul and save your neighbors.

When you exhibit that courage, you truly, legitimately, proactively behave heroically.



Most Enforcers Should Immediately Quit


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