Atom Bomb Hoax

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By Mike Johnson

It’s risky to state this opinion now, when world turmoil could quickly make me look the fool, but I believe there may be no such thing as nuclear bombs.

I have not deeply explored this rabbit hole but have seen enough to imagine the Japan attacks were fire-bombing rather than atom bombing.
Add enough fuel to any explosion and you get a mushroom cloud.

Also, if atomic radiation is said to last thousands of years, why were Hiroshima and Nagasaki rebuilt so quickly in the same locations?

The government’s 1940’s videos of atom bomb tests look fake.
The exploding homes are obviously models, not full-size structures.
80-year-old primitive technology does not square up to our observation powers today.

Some scientists say there is no such thing as atoms at all.
"Splitting" them is then impossible, let alone able to create some magical power surge by doing so.

If atom bombs do exist, it may be impossible to use them again anyway.

There are stories of USA ballistic missile sites being “turned off” from afar by UFOs.
Other rabbit holes say if aliens exist, they are merely located on hidden continents beyond the Antarctic ice, not millions of light years away in “space.”
If they share the same earth plane as us, of course they’d use their superior technology to prevent us from destroying the realm we all share.

There is no doubt that our known earth systems are run by an evil, worldwide cabal.
But perhaps they are not as powerful as they appear.

By owning the media and movie industries, they are able to fake just about anything.
What if these evil devils at the top are merely weaklings relying on smoke and mirrors to fool us into thinking they are strong?

Because we vastly outnumber them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1, they can only bully us a few at a time.
If enough of us stand up, we can quickly rout them, remove them and remand them.

They know this, I know this, and millions of others know this.
If there is a God in heaven (there is), these devils don’t sleep well at night knowing many more of us are catching on every day.
Payback is going to be brutal.

If atom bombs are a hoax, imagine how many other lies have fooled us into thinking these evil weasels are powerful.

I have, and I do.

After many thousands of hours of research, I can assure you that anything you study deeper is far different than it's publicly presented.
The cabal relies greatly on deception and lies.

Self-research shines bright light on the cabal's deepest secrets.

We live in perilous times.
USA leaders are purposely trying to goad others into world war, and us into civil war.
The American government is not the good guy, they’re the bully.
If there are atom bombs, they’ll be used.
If there aren’t, then we'll know they’re a hoax.

If something big explodes, look at it closely.
It’s easy to create mushroom clouds and call it “nuclear.”

In fact, it’s easy to create any illusion when you own the media that creates the film and broadcasts the “news.”

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