Normalcy Bias

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By Mike Johnson

We’re surrounded by insanity everywhere.
Yet people go about their day as if things are normal.

The man acting as president is an obvious dementia patient.
An obvious usurper of a stolen election.
An obvious puppet of a hidden cabal.
An obviously bribed, incompetent criminal who is purposely destroying America.

Your money’s purchase power is being stolen at an exponential rate.
Prices aren’t going up. The value of the dollar is going down.
Printing and keystroking trillions out of thin air will do that.

Leaders get this money first, for free.
You get the money last, in small portions, after trading precious time, toil and life energy.
Then the leaders have the gall to steal half of your small wages in “taxes.”

These taxes pay for the injections they are using to kill you.
For wars that kill your sons and daughters.
For payments to attract illegal invaders, for transportation to disperse them to all 50 states, to overwhelm and destroy wherever they move.

These taxes pay for more enforcers to steal more of your money.
To violate your rights.
To harass and fine you for ridiculous things.
To destroy your justice system.

Every news broadcast delivers bias, lies and omission.
“Facts” are purposely different on different stations, so we fight among ourselves.
Much of this fake news comes directly from government “leaders” who are puppets of the evil cabal.
Dissenting information and opinions are censored. Cancelled.

You are told the most ridiculous nonsense.
Men menstruate. Get pregnant. Breastfeed.
Women are victims of men. They should kill their babies. Work outside the home. Reject raising a family.
But if you do raise a family, you better help your kids decide between 8 genders.
Then cut off any parts that don't match the fantasy.
And vote for the people who push this bullshit.

You’re told racism by whites against blacks is a problem.
While forced Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) teachings are openly racist against whites.
Merit-based hiring was long ago changed to “affirmative action,” giving blacks positions based on race rather than merit.
DEI actually means “Didn’t Earn It.”
Leaders only push this nonsense because it makes us fight among ourselves instead of against them.

White males and guns are blamed for gun violence.
While national FBI statistics show black males, which are just 6.5% of the population, commit 60% of all violent crime and murders.
These crimes and murders mostly happen in large inner cities. They are mostly black-against-black crimes.
Most of America – the America that has few black males – has no violent crime or murders. No gun violence problems at all.

And gun violence is a small problem as compared to vaccine injury and death.
You’re 12 times more likely to be killed by an injection from your doctor than you are by a gun.
Have you lost a loved one to “sudden death," heart attack, stroke or turbo cancer?
Statistically, it’s most likely the covid shot killed them, not the reason you were told.
It’s killed over 20 million people so far. Injured and sickened two billion.
That’s one of those omissions you never hear on the news.

I could go on for many more paragraphs.

The point is, things are NOT normal.
We are being purposely destroyed.
Slowly, continually, systematically, with our own consent.

They’re stealing our own money to buy the shovels that are digging our graves.

Yet we all go about our lives normally.
The devious devils killing us off are maintaining a “peaceful battlefield.”
Massive lies and deception prevent the masses from catching on.

That and their own normalcy bias.
They crave “normal.”
They LIKE distraction from reality.
They REJECT deeper truths that could save them.
Waking up is too scary and forces too much change.

It’s a kooky world.
The bright-red devil is openly operating in full color.
Yet most people are totally oblivious to it.

Despite it being black and white obvious.

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