The Climate Scam

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By Mike Johnson

The only manmade climate change occurring is the change created by the devil’s cabal that runs the earth.

Research chemtrails.
Research HAARP.
Research weather wars.

God’s system is perfect.
We breathe what trees exhale and trees breathe what we exhale.
That beautiful synchronicity was no big-bang accident or random evolution.
That was intelligent design.

God perfectly designed our earth terrarium.
The fallen devil couldn't destroy that, so he overlaid an infrastructure of deception on top of it.
Man is then born into that deception with the mission to wake up and escape back to God.

There is no shortage of resources.
Psychopaths are just in charge of them.
They pillage all they desire and fabricate “shortages” with the rest.

These “shortages” force us to pay outrageous prices for things that should be free.

Cars can run on water.
Electricity can be created from thin air.
Buoyancy and electro-magnetic frequencies can be harnessed to fly around the world.

All of these technologies have been stolen from inventors and hidden from citizens.

There is no such thing as “settled science.”

All science is presented to us through human beings.
Humans can be confused, mistaken, biased, corrupted, bribed, threatened, blackmailed or evil.
Humans are the weak link in any chain of “science.”

“Climate change” is the perfect bogeyman for the devil’s cabal because no one on earth has the resources to accurately measure it.
Then, thanks to the sun, volcanoes and wind currents, there are so many variables that render any measurements as useless.
This makes the “problem” invisible and unfixable, but leaves the definition, measurements and "solutions" in the hands of the cabal.

Now they can order us around, micro-manage our behavior and tax us in any way they like, “for the good of the planet.”
But only they get to define what is needed.
Trust them. They know best.

Look at everything else they run.
Are they worthy of your trust?

Climate change is just a massive scam to fool the masses who are still unaware that the devil's cabal has taken over all major earth systems.

Governments can’t even solve hunger or homelessness.

Yet people believe "leaders" can precisely jigger the world’s temperature, sunlight, rainfall, atmosphere and wind to fine-tune earth's individual micro-climates like turning a dial on the wall?
One random volcano ejects more CO2 than the cabal's schemes can "save" in a hundred years!

What's next?
Volcano control?

The ignorance and arrogance, it burns.

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