Overestimating Others

Meme freely circulated on Internet

By Mike Johnson

We give people far too much credit.

Statistically, most people are barely getting by.

Dr. David Hawkins, author of "Power vs. Force," a master of human potential, has stated that on a top consciousness scale of 700, the worldwide average is sitting at 208.
He says that during an entire human life, the average person only grows 5 points.
Read his book and you gain 35 points right there.
I think we all know a few people who actually might be regressing.

This is not written to denigrate people.
Itís to remind you that youíre equally (or more!) worthy than anyone else.

Position, title, authority, experience or mastery of skill is no guarantee youíre dealing with a superior human.

Their character, awareness and the inner screen of their minds are invisible to you.
Psychopaths are especially skilled at smooth people skills that hide their evil inside.

Don't compare yourself to others.
Be subservient to no man.

You belong.
You are worthy.
You have the potential to become anything.
Compare yourself to what you can be.

So donít inwardly build up others.

Build up yourself.

Have the audacity and clarity to realize when it comes to you and your dreams, no one is better expert about you, than YOU.



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