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By Mike Johnson

Has your income increased 12 to 17% during each of the past three years?
Thatís the REAL rate of inflation (

Has your income increased 52% over the past three years?
Thatís how much property taxes have increased in Park County, Wyoming.

Most people did NOT get such large income increases.
So their standard of living is not just falling, itís plummeting.

Signs of strain are everywhere.

Nationally, 6.9% of all credit card bills are 90-days delinquent. For those aged 18-29 it's 9.9%!
2.8% of all car loans are 90 days delinquent.
1.5% of all home mortgages are 90 days delinquent.

Inflation is only going to get worse.

The federal government debt load is near $35 trillion and the government is borrowing a trillion more dollars every 100 days.
The interest payments on this debt will soon be the largest expense, exceeding Medicare, social security and national defense.

Each year, the US government spends trillions more than it takes in.
The only way for them to pay their bills is by borrowing (printing money out of thin air).
Prices are only rising because government mismanagement is diluting the value of the dollar.
This makes the dollars you already hold worth less, so they buy less.
It takes more and more dollars to buy the same goods.

This is why itís unwise to save digits or dollars.
They are melting in value every single day.
The longer you hold them, the less they buy.

The smarter plan is to convert them to things that hold value like food, medicine, household supplies and physical goods.
If you have excess, consider tools, building supplies, mechanical equipment, silver, gold, real estate, businesses or income properties.

As inflation rises, more businesses quit because the expense of producing their goods exceeds what customers are able to pay for their products.
Thousands of businesses -- especially restaurants and retailers -- are now closing across the USA every year.
So unemployment increases, supply chains break, shortages develop, which drive prices higher.
Your job becomes less secure, your money buys less and there are fewer goods to buy.

Itís an ugly circle of doom.

Aware people are adapting.
Theyíre finding additional ways to earn income outside their jobs.
Theyíre dabbling with side businesses.

Here are 87 ideas that could generate extra income for your family:
43 Ways to Earn Cash TODAY, 44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow

May God bless us all during these trying times.



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