Nothing Really Matters

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By Mike Johnson

“Nothing really matters, anyone can see,
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.”

- Freddie Mercury, Queen

I’ve read that 80 years here feels like five minutes over there.
Life here is merely a little dream we’re having over there.
Yet it seems so big and real right here.

Everyone is an example.
Some a warning.
Some an inspiration.

Do the things.
Say the words.
Love the people.

Live a big, adventurous life.
Then write about it.
Paint about it.
Talk about it.

Connect the dots between your desires and your purpose for being here.
It’s fun to unravel the mystery of this journey.

Live the life you’ll be proud to talk about on the other side.

But keep expanding your perspective.
Lighten up.

Because in the big picture of eternity, nothing is as important as it seems to be right here, right now.




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