Don't Wait For Elections

Actual written quote from Justice Bradley in one of her election rulings

By Mike Johnson

In America, we have self-government.

Citizens are superior to government.
Citizens are the boss of government.
Government can ONLY exercise the authority spelled out in the federal and state constitutions.

Your state legislators MUST obey, protect and defend the state and federal constitutions.
They have the authority to NULLIFY any unconstitutional federal or state law, order, decree, tax or demand within the borders of their state.
They have the responsibility to protect every state resident from state and federal government overreach.
That they don't, shows you exactly where our troubles have started.

Your county sheriff holds the highest elected law enforcement position in your county.
As such, he MUST obey, protect and defend the constitutions.
He has the lawful authority to refuse to enforce ANY unconstitutional law, order, decree, tax or demand within his county.
He has the responsibility to protect every county resident from state and federal government overreach.
That he doesn't, shows you exactly where our troubles have started.

If these leaders do not defend the constitutions -- as their oath of office requires - you can remove them by removing their security bond.
Only ten citizens need sign a complaint to the bond-issuer and the oath-violating leaders will lose their bond.
They cannot lawfully hold the position without a bond.

This bond rule applies to EVERY elected leader.

So with a little knowledge and organization, we can remove ANY and EVERY elected leader who ignores their oath to constitutional obedience.
A small group of citizens can hold their own "election" and quickly, peacefully remove any rogue leader.
No waiting for insecure or fraudulent elections.

Then there is common law.
Common law operates under the maxim that everyone is personally liable for their individual actions.
This removes the cloak of unlawful "protection" when "superior" organizations and their employees perform unlawful actions.
This especially applies to judges, police, soldiers, tax agents and government officials.

ANY individual who exceeds the limits of their lawful authority can be fined, arrested or jailed.

Common law, citizen grand juries and citizen militias are lawful if they are advanced using the proper procedures.
There is a learning curve.
These can be used just like the government-run legal system to indict, prosecute, fine or incarcerate lawless leaders.

The government does not want citizens to know their rights.
Our founders foresaw todayís tyrannical governments so made sure to list our God-given rights INSIDE the federal and state constitutions to warn governments they do not have the authority to violate them ever, for any reason.

Here is a link to the US Bill of Rights placed INSIDE the federal constitution: United States Bill of Rights

How many of your rights are being violated today?

This makes government the criminal.

Government was created to be very small, and was granted very limited authority, over a very small list of activities.
Through their dumbing down of our education and media systems, citizen ignorance has grown so large as to make people believe government is our master.

This is not true.
This was NEVER true.
Government is our slave.
An uppity slave who now thinks it is our ruler.

YOU are the boss.
They are the employee.
They have forgotten this.

Itís way past time to peacefully, aggressively remind them.

Educate yourself.
Do not comply.
Find lawful ways to reduce the money you send them.
Shame and ridicule bad leaders in public.
Organize ten citizens to remove their bonds.
Demand 100% secure elections.
If youíre an enforcer, refuse their unlawful orders or quit your job.
Speak up.
Stop the tyranny.
Do the right thing for our children coming up behind us.

Never forget.
Government is the slave.


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Government Doesn't Want You to Know Your Rights

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