Stop Your 401k!

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By Mike Johnson

If youíre fortunate to earn enough income to save some in a 401k, itís time to reevaluate.
With the value of money melting 1% every month, itís stupid to save it.
Itíll never buy more than it buys today.

This goes for ALL savings of digits and dollars.

Plus, the cabal that stores your money has said itís going to steal every last penny.
"Youíll own nothing and be happy," they say.
Take a look at this: The Great Taking

The smart money has not only stopped deposits into 401ks, they have CASHED OUT their retirement accounts.
Better to take the penalty and get something, rather than wait and get nothing.
The pain of the penalty was soothed by the pleasure of screwing the cabal before it screwed them.

Then the smart money converted those savings into physical goods, erasure of debt and the purchase of things that actually earn money faster than it melts.

Itís a big learning curve.
If it seems daunting, youíve been asleep too long.
But itís amazing how fast you can learn when you dedicate the first hour of every day to YOU.

A total financial collapse is imminent.
Weíve been in an actual depression for over a decade.
Cabal-owned leader-puppets faked the numbers and their mainstream media worked overtime to hide it.
The slow-motion melt is about to go over the cliff.
At that point, if you canít touch it, you donít own it.

Your 401k is owned by the cabal.
Itís their name on those stock and bond certificates, not yours.
When their scams collapse and values plummet, THEY get paid first, BEFORE you.

The losses will be so great that even after stealing everyoneís savings, there wonít be enough left for the cabal to give you back a single penny.
Theyíve quietly changed the laws, state-by-state and country-by-country, to make this ďlegal.Ē
This tells you they had this planned.
Itís premeditated.
Itís progressing.
They know the date when they pull the trigger to bring it all down.
You donít.

Better to be a year early than a day late.

This is likely your last chance to screw the cabal before they screw you.

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