Room & Board

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By Mike Johnson

The largest expenses in life are room and board.
Housing, utilities and food are required to stay alive.

You can approach these needs in several different ways.

The typical way is to rent or buy a dwelling, then take a job to make the monthly payment.
Hopefully the job also pays enough to cover utilities and food.

This traps you in the world of jobs and work schedules, although you still have some freedom to select the job and the schedule.

Another way is to take a job that provides room and board.
This might include working on a ranch, managing a hotel or campground, providing in-home care, driving a cross-country tour bus or joining the military.
But bundling room and board with the job makes it much harder to leave that job.

Then there are creative solutions.

You can live in a van. A food truck. A camp trailer. An RV. A tiny home. A converted shed. A mobile home.
The goal is to own the home free and clear, reducing your monthly nut, reducing work hours and increasing freedom.
You’ll still need to buy or rent a small lot or find a creative way to attain utilities.
Maybe you can work at a restaurant or grocery store to gain free food.

But all of these ideas are made with the assumption of working within the time and paycheck limits of a job.

Once you focus on trading self-created value for income, time and paycheck limits greatly shrink.
The greater the value, the greater your income.
With enough self-created income, you cruise through life with much more freedom.

But there is also the issue of complexity.

Living in a van saves money but causes many more daily tasks and workarounds.
Owning a company earns more income but carries many more pressures, responsibilities and worries.

The sweet spot is enough income, enough simplicity and enough freedom.
While achieving it all in a moral, enjoyable way that benefits everyone.

The universe has handed us a perfect system.
Our quest to survive forces us to discover ways to thrive.

May you find your own personal sweet spot sooner rather than later.



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