Next Acts in the Play

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By Mike Johnson

The future is just an amplification of the past.
Analyzing trends, researching information, detecting evil and using God's discernment and critical thinking, makes it fairly easy to predict the near future.

The world took a radically ugly turn Thursday that re-enforces a very bumpy ride.
Many of us will not survive it.

The open weaponization of our justice system shows that our “leaders” are clearly our enemy.
They have exceeded their limits of authority and dropped all pretense of obeying the law, replacing law with brute force.
Because they have already created a vast system of fraudulent elections, there is no political solution to their tyranny.

This leaves divine intervention, state-level nullification of unconstitutional federal orders, peaceful population-wide non-compliance, or physical force.
We out-number the devils and their enforcers by 10,000 to one.

To gain clarity, you must understand the devils’ goal: To eradicate and/or subjugate YOU, God’s divine creation.

Seven years ago, the CIA-affiliated Deagel Report estimated massive drops in the western world population by 2025.
In America, this new population estimate was 100 million.
Our current population is 330 million.
The devils are telling us they are going to kill two-thirds of us within the next 6 to 18 months.

Unless God steps in, here are the likely next acts in this drama as revealed by the devils themselves.

Red-Dawn Terror Attacks Inside America.
The Biden puppet-masters have allowed millions of military-aged males into our southern border unlawfully.
Back in the Obama years, obscure federal departments bought millions of dollars of firearms and ammunition.
This made no sense until you realize the weapons have been staged throughout the USA for these military-aged invaders to collect.
The CIA is now warning that massive, coordinated attacks against America civilians are imminent.
Police rarely stop such crimes, merely chalk-line the bodies after they occur.
It’s on us to stay situationally aware and provide our own defense.

Another Pandemic.
Bird flu? Ebola? Covid 24?
Citizens were easily herded to obey obvious bullshit last time.
The perpetrators were not held accountable.
So they’re going to do it again.
But it will be worse because of all that the devils learned pushing us around last time.

Financial Collapse.
We’ve been in a DEPRESSION for a good ten years.
Only cabal-owned media lies and fabricated statistics say differently.
The Great Taking reveals that you will soon own nothing and like it.
How will it come to be that you’ll own nothing?
Because the financial devils are going to steal everything you own.
They’ve been planning it for decades, changing the laws state-by-state and country-by-country to make their theft “legal.”
When we're financially destitute, we're easy to herd and control.

Another Stolen Election.
Election security has not improved since 2020 and 2022.
If they do not kill Trump, they will steal the election from him again.
Without the fraud, Trump won by tens of millions of votes in 2020.
He’s going to double or triple that margin in 2024 because Biden's REAL favorability rating is less than 8%.
If Trump's honest, and stays alive, his presidency could slow or stop the devils.
But Trump may be controlled opposition.
He’s the one who launched the bioweapon injections on humanity.
He’s the one who appointed the people (Wray, Barr, Pence) who stopped the investigations of the 2020 election theft.
He allowed it to happen by walking away from office, rather than rounding up the devils who organized it.
Was he merely fooled or is he a devil playing an evil role himself?

Civil War.
The devils are great at stoking our anger and getting us to fight ourselves, rather than them.
Democrat/republican, liberal/conservative, black/white, gay/straight, city/rural, capitalist/socialist and CNN/Fox are just ways to divide us.
The devils WANT a civil war so we weaken and kill ourselves.
America was too strong to conquer from the outside, so they are destroying us from the inside.

World War.
Western leaders have been irrationally, unlawfully harassing Russia for decades.
The American government/military complex is the biggest bully and terrorist organization in the world.
They are pushing, pushing, pushing to force Russia to nuke us (if nukes even exist).
The devils WANT world war to kill billions.
All the better to destroy God’s creation.
Once America engages in civil war, others will attack and finish off weakened and divided America from the outside.

The devil, right now, is actively eradicating and enslaving humanity.
This is all made possible by weak, gullible, cowardly and corruptible leaders who betrayed us.

Also, there are millions of “normal” people who obey the immoral orders of leaders in the normal course of their job.
Never forget: YOU are personally responsible and liable for everything you ever do.
YOU are the one who will undergo a life review in front of your creator.
It’s much better to quit and lose your job now, than obey orders that hurt others today and cause the loss of your soul tomorrow.
The unlawful and immoral orders from leaders will only get exponentially worse from here on out.

The devils who run earth have been able to do all this in slow-motion fashion, which keeps a peaceful battlefield.
Only one side has been attacking and it hasn’t been us.

We’re passively allowing the worst of humanity to destroy the best of humanity.
We are too tolerant, too confused, too trusting, too inattentive and too forgiving.

This is the clarity you need to survive during these difficult times.

No Clarity = No Justice.

No Justice = No Peace.

No Peace = No Humanity.

May God awaken each and every one of us to apply our individual, unique and heroic talents toward overcoming evil.

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