School's Out

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By Mike Johnson

Kids in Wyoming are waking up to summer vacation in late spring.
Which tingles like being off on a Friday before the weekend.

The glide path to freedom started at the beginning of May.
Fewer new topics, fewer tests, more field trips, more class picnics.
Teachers are seduced by approaching freedom too.

Parole from three months of calendars is exciting.
So pregnant with possibility.
Anticipating abundant aspirations.

This is REAL life.
This is the way we were meant to live.

Forty-hour class schedules and forty-hour work weeks were dreamed up by the devils who run our world.
Forcing children to surrender their prime daylight hours for study is merely grooming them to do the same for the devils’ employment sweatshops later.
13 to 20 years of school, 40 years of work and 15 years of retirement.
The systems are diabolical in construction.
The devils have taken 80% of your life.

Teach kids just enough to obey authority, memorize the curriculum and conform to others.
This produces employees just smart enough to work devils’ jobs, serve in their militaries and pay their taxes.
But not so smart as to ever question the reasons for any of it.

In contrast, homeschooled kids complete their daily lessons in an hour.
The rest of their day can now be used for experiencing REAL life training.
Parents determine what is most needed and most helpful.
This was the normal education process for thousands of years.

These “schools” graduated America’s best founders, inventors, industrialists, farmers, achievers, writers, artists, philanthropists and leaders.

Public schools are the new-kid-on-the-block experiment.
A failing experiment.
They are NOT the only choice.
They are clearly not the BEST choice.

Parents who truly want the best for their children will arrange their lives to homeschool them.
Parents who want the best for themselves, will arrange their lives to escape work schedules.

Students know it.
Teachers know it.
Parents know it.

The best way to live, is to live without a daily schedule that demands your prime, daylight hours.

Especially a schedule that's filled with things you'd rather not do.

School's out for the next three months.
What if you could escape the work schedule for three months?

Look at your kid's face on a summer morning vs a school day morning.
Look at your face on a weekend.

The only things keeping you away from REAL life are school and work schedules.

Why not invest some time dreaming up ways to never return to either?

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