Now They're Targeting Your Kids

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By Mike Johnson

The US Senate has snuck a provision into a bill that mandates the draft of women into the US military.
They’re also working on a separate bill that mandates the draft for men.

This means the devils who have overthrown our country’s highest positions are planning to send your children to war.
War that they are purposely creating.
For no good, necessary or rational reason.

Their wars are launched to loot treasuries, destroy evidence of their scams and create fear and chaos that always tightens their control.

Will you let that stand?
Will you comply?
Will you willingly let them injure and kill your kids just like they did with their masks and bioweapon covid injections?

These devils are goading us to violently react.
They are goading the entire world to violently react.
The 2020 riots show they already know how to do it.

Other goading tactics are currently in play.

Weaponizing the justice system against a former president and his supporters.
Censoring all social media to hide their lies and scams and treason.
Blatantly-stolen elections.
Refusing to secure our southern border from the invasion of millions of military-aged men.
Using their cabal-owned media to present different “facts” to different audiences, fomenting division and civil war.
Climate change lies, all the while crop-dusting us with chemtrails on a daily basis, while steering weather to attack cities and states and countries who oppose them.
Looting the US treasury.
Counterfeiting trillions of dollars, destroying the purchase power of the dollars we already own.
Changing laws in every state and country to legally steal every penny you own.
Attacking our food supply via arson, forest fires, “accidental” infrastructure destruction, irrigation policy, poison ingredients and supply chain disruptions.

World war is the last straw.

The devils are purposely, systematically, destroying humanity because it is God’s creation.

These people may not even be human.
At the least, their souls are so dark they have no conscience.
No normal person launches pandemics and bioweapon injections on a global population.

This cannot stand.

The Declaration of Independence tells us that those who see a problem, have a lawful responsibility to fix it.
We are lawfully allowed to throw off any government, in any manner, at any time.
This is because WE THE PEOPLE are the boss.
Government is the servant who only exists with our consent.

Yet you still obey, still watch their lying media, still purchase their products, still invest in their rigged stocks & bonds, still keep money in their banks, still pay taxes, still send your kids to their schools and military, still work for their governments, and still believe you can vote them out in their fraudulent elections.

Now they want our kids as cannon fodder.

This is a war between good and evil.
Only one side has been relentlessly attacking and it is not the good guys.

We always have the God-given right of self-defense.

Only a lack of clarity keeps us frozen from taking powerful, peaceful, immediate actions.
Once you realize they ARE evil devils, your decisions become obvious.


Defense from their attacks may very well come to violence.
The devils are relentless and will not willingly quit their attacks.

We’re all going to die.
It’s just a matter of when and how.
Until then, choose to live in ways that you’ll be proud to talk about on the other side.

And for God’s sake, don’t die before you’ve even really LIVED.

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